We also manufacture a range of Paper Dyes as well as Liquid Cationic Dyes which are ultimately used for paper making. This range provides total solution of coloration and whiteness for all kind of papers.
Sr. No. Product Name C.I. Name
1 Yogasol Golden Yellow GL 200% Basic Yellow 28
2 Yogasol Red GTL Basic Red 18
3 Yogasol Red 4G Basic Red 14
4 Yogasol Red BRL Basic Red 49
5 Yogasol Red 2B 100% Basic Violet 16
6 Yogasol Blue 5G 100% Basic Blue 3
7 Yogasol Blue GRL Basic Blue 41
8 Yogasol Black CMS -
9 Yogasol Black XBGW -

​​This is an indicative range of ​our products & does not capture our full product range. If you do not find your suitable colour above, we encourage you to please write to us for a detailed technical product shade card, at
​We also offer customised blends which are not shown in above list.

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