paper dyes
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YOGESH Dyestuff Products Pvt. Ltd. is established in 1988. A dyestuff company specialised in India which is manufacturing complete range of Acrylic / Cationic dyes.

YOGESH Dyestuff Products Pvt. Ltd. head office is based in Bombay which is the Economic Capital of India & the plant of the company is at Tarapur which is 80Km from Bomaby. It has got a modern plant, the laboratory for testing of it final products on international standards & also R & D facility to develop latest products.
We are the member of "Common Effluent Treatment Plant" of our association at Tarapur & hence we keep the water pollution within the limits specified by the government & we work in the environment friendly atmosphere. We are cattering to Indian Market as well as exporting our product to several countries.
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