Our Group

The Pansari Group was first formed in 1988 with ​the establishment of Yogesh Dyestuff Products Pvt. Ltd.

After successfully manufacturing & marketing ​Acrylic Dyes in India and exporting 80% of its range of products around the world, they launched few challenging products under its umbrella.
T​he Pansari Group has diversified their activities in the recent years.
Since 30 years, they have specialised in India is manufacturing complete range of Acrylic / Cationic, Paper, Leather and Fluorescent Dyes as well as since 20 years, they have also been serving the ​Textile ​Industry.

​In 1996, the Pansari Group​ established its flagship brand, SUPER TEX INDUSTRIES, by introducing a range of advanced products like Cots & Aprons used in Textile Spinning and Texturising Machines by textile mills around the globe. We continue to remain one of the few manufacturers of Cots & Aprons
While manufacturing these extra-ordinary Cots & Aprons, in the testing laboratories, every raw material is screened to achieve the maximum quality of the products which then produces fantastic quality of yarn efficiently.

At the turn of the Century, the Pansari Group​ pioneered the manufacturing of rubber parts for Textile Machines by establishing SILVER TEX INDUSTRIES.
In the recent years, we have also started manufacturing rubber parts such as Feed Tire and Cleaning Rollers for Copier & Printer Machines. Reinforcing the Group’s technical prowess, the rubber technologists have proven these products are at par with OEM.

Our group, through its companies has participated in more than 30 international events such as India ITME 1996 Mumbai, ITMA 1999 Paris, India ITME 2000 Mumbai, ITMA 2003 Birmingham, India ITME 2004 Mumbai, ITMA 2005 Singapore, CITME 2006 Beijing, ITMA 2007 Munich, India ITME 2008 Bangalore and actively continues to do so.

Our customers all over the world are highly satisfied with our range of products and services.
We have achieved award winning ​performances​ in​ ITMMA Export Excellence Awards and​ Textile Machine Parts! Know More